Purchasing on behalf of others: How do I give end users access to licenses so that they may download and install them?

Posted by joannab on 2007-04-18 09:58
OS: All / Any | Product: Licensing

I purchased licenses for others. How do I give them access to these licenses so that they may download and install them?


You must assign all the licenses to each individual end user.

License assignments can be done by logging into your own account at:


If you do not have a password, one can be requested by clicking on the "Forgot Password" underneath the password prompt.

Once you have logged in:

- Click on "License Management"
- Click on Re-assign
- Enter the new user's name and email address.

The new user will then be able to log into their own account and download the license.

However, the purchaser will still see the license on their license management page, will always know who the license is assigned to, and can re-assign the license if necessary.