Tk compatibility problem with PPM module

Posted by grahams on 2008-02-20 16:51
OS: All / Any | Product: ActivePerl | tags: compatibility PPM Tk

I have installed the module Tk-TableMatrix 1.23 ( Installed from AS, using
AS Perl Package Manager). All my scripts using this module are broken. I
have tried to run the "demo" scripts provided in the package. And no matter
which one I run. I get the following message.
--> perl -w

Tk::TcldeclsVtab wrong size for TcldeclsVtab at
C:/PRG/Perl/lib/ line 252.

Tk::TkeventVtab wrong size for TkeventVtab at C:/PRG/Perl/lib/
line 252.


You need a version of Tk-TableMatrix 1.23 that is compiled against Tk 804.x.

When the Tk shipped with ActivePerl was updated to 804.x in the middle of the 5.8.x series, it was recognized that modules which depended on Tk would need to be recompiled. Doing so would, however, makes those modules incompatible with older releases still using Tk 802.x. Since PPM only supports one version of any given module revision per repository, all those older 5.8.x releases would have lost their PPM sources.

Improvements to the functionality of PPM are envisioned which will allow dependency based selection of module versions. For now, the workaround has been to distribute different versions of these modules with compatibility issues from different PPM repositories, some of which are not maintained by ActiveState.

Modules with dependencies on Tk802.x will continue to be available at ActiveState. Modules with dependencies on Tk804.x are available from Randy Kobes' University of Winnipeg PPM repositories:

ncruz1959 | Fri, 2008-05-30 05:03

This was the best help with my problem with incompatible modules. Thank you for the information and the links.