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Komodo Edit: Running code in console?

Hey all - I'm a newbie programmer using mainly Python, and I don't find myself really needing the full features of the Komodo IDE - but have been really enjoying using Komodo Edit. The one feature I find myself missing from IDEs generally is the ability within the program to dump my code into the console and have it run.

Is there a way to set this up in Komodo Edit, or is my only option to save the code then run it from the console myself (hardly burdensome, but it is another step). For reference, I'm running Mac OS 10.6.6.

Personnal Start Page

is it possible to define an other startup page or changing the HTML activeState Ads by another or a personnal html page ???

Why ???

just because i can't use komodo 6 Since ActiveState and other openSource major contributors stop to support PowerPC (and i'm fed up with this ads wich remember me how the world is cruel LOL !)

Unable to see Tcl Configuration preference in Komodo Edit 6.0.3-6811

I've installed the latest version of Komodo Edit 6.0.3-6811 and I'm unable to see "Tcl Configuration" preferences. Is there a pre-requisite to have ActiveTcl installed?

Buildinfo:Komodo Edit, version 6.0.3, build 6811, platform win32-x86.
Built on Wed Dec 08 00:31:13 2010.

php syntax checking on Win7

Hi all,

It seems that Komodo Edit sometimes can't find my PHP binary or otherwise has problems accessing it, although the path given is correct (and beside sometimes it finds it fine). Trick that usually helps is to go to Preferences and then switch settings for PHP interpreter path between 'Find on Path' and the actual path, and than going back to the file and clicking on Syntax check button. After repeating this a couple of times, syntax checking usually suddenly starts working and afterwords works normally as long as I keep Komodo open.

CIX support for Python 2.7

Do code intelligence libs exist for python 2.7 in Komodo Edit 6? Looking into the application files the last cix file is python-2.6.cix. Code completion for python 2.7 would be very practical to support some of the python 3 back-ported functionality.


Komodo edit 6 ignore folders

Here is my problem.
I have a php project with lots of templates in /template folder.
Tons of files in all those templates.
Normal course of action is to ignore the whole folder but (here is the catch) I need to have access to a folder 'default' inside that template.
In vers 5 I could imported that folder but there is no such option in v6.
Anyone have an ideea how to do it?

MemoryError While Evaluating

Hi there,

I am new at the komodo comunity. I get installed the Komodo 6 for Windows at my work.
I want use the Code completion for my projects, so i put the adminfunctions configured the "Php directories" to the properties of the project!
after scanning the files i try the functionality.
Then i get an error after pressing "ctrl+J":

Error evaluating ‚str‘ at download.php#51: Memory Error (D/Programme/ActiveState/Komodo Edit 6/lib/Mozilla/python/komodo/textinfo.py 1420 in _read) (error determining completions)

Run Module - Debug

Very basic question I feel a bit silly asking it but I can't find this option in Open Komodo. I am trying to execute my code, in idle you would press F5 or Run Module from the menu.

I can't seem to run a module from within OpenKomodo.

Can anyone help?

Komodo Built Error - undefined symbol: _PyUnicodeUCS4_AsDefaultEncodedString


i tried to build the openKomodo on my computer. The mozilla-build worked wonderful no error at all.

But now i get this error on the komodo-built. I already asked google for any information, but i really cant find a good hint.

Do you guys have a idea?

echo This is a Komodo dev tree > mozilla/build/moz191-ko6.10/mozilla/ko-rel-gtk2-ns-tools/dist/bin/is_dev_tree.txt

Komoddo Edit 6.0 rc1

Wow, Komodo Edit RC1 loooks absolutely beautiful!!! Really nice job there!!! Now building sites is even more pleaseant!