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Start Komodo with Clean Profile


How can I easily start Komodo with a clean profile?


Sometimes when you're using Komodo you may run into issues or want to see what your default settings were many customizations later.

In either case, you or the Komodo dev team will want you to start Komodo with a clean profile. One way is to manually move your profile aside using the instructions provided in another general FAQ post about Komodo File Locations.

Another easier and less error prone way is to use the KOMODO_USERDATADIR environmental variable:

  • Stop Komodo if it is running (this is optional, the following allows you to running multiple instances of Komodo)
  • Open a command line or Terminal window
  • Set KOMODO_USERDATADIR to a path of your choosing. eg.


    set KOMODO_USERDATADIR=%TEMP%\ko #Windows


    export KOMODO_USERDATADIR="/tmp/ko" #unixy

  • Start Komodo from the same commandline window, eg  /path/to/komodo (or just komodo if it's on your PATH).

Komodo will then start with a completely clean profile with all default settings.

- Carey

Komodo License not Working


Why won't Komodo allow me to do the 21 day trial? Or let me use my actual license?


If you're having trouble starting your Komodo trial or it won't pick up your freshly purchased and installed license, there are a few things you can try to work around the issue:

Trial Issues:

  • A. Download a new Komodo installer and reinstall Komodo
  • C. Contact and tell them you're trial license won't start and they should be able to help.

License Installed but not Used:

  • A. Download a new Komodo installer and reinstall Komodo
  • C. Do the same as the last step but also download your license installer again from
  • D. Contact and tell them you're license won't work and they should be able to help.

- If you already have a previous Komodo license you are STILL ENTITLED to a Komodo trial of whatever the new version is.

5.18-x86 repository not working


Few days ago the 5.18 x86 PPM repository stopped working, it completely disappeared along with 5.20 x86 repository.


Is it a new policy by activestate or it just moved to somewhere else ?

Recent posts not visible

I recently (yesterday) posted an item to the ActivePerl discussion forum; now I can't find it, and it doesn't appear in my "View my recent posts".
Yesterday, the only place I could see it was in the "Recent posts" part of the forum.

Any ideas?

Where do I post questions about Komodo?


I can't find a place to post my Komodo questions any longer. What happened? Should I post in some other forum?


The Komodo Forums have moved to a shiny new home!

Please head over, sign up to get a fresh user ID, and post your topics!

Off-topic posts entered in the Website forum, the Licensing forum, or the individual Languages forums cannot be transferred to the new Komodo forum. Another forum should only be used if your questions directly involve those topics.

HeartBleed vulnerability and ActiveTcl


Is my version of Community/Business/Enterprise Edition ActiveTcl vulnerable to Heartbleed?


From a running tclsh:

%package require tls

The version of tls will be reported. Interpreters running tls 1.6.2 and 1.6.3 are vulnerable. Some installations of tls 1.6.1 are also vulnerable, depending on the age of the module. v1.6.1 carrying a timestamp newer than Feb 2012 (TeaPOT version is affected) are vulnerable,

Unless the tls module has been locally updated,
- Enterprise ActiveTcls shipped before 2012Q2 are unaffected,
- Community/Business Edition ActiveTcl and older are unaffected,
- Community/Business Edition ActiveTcl and older are unaffected,
- Community/Business Edition ActiveTcl and older are unaffected

You can mitigate for HeartBleed using the TEApot service.

teacup install tls -exact

Repositories are completely down?

Example URL, can't be found:

Says the server is non-existent. Shoot, trying to install some modules and it's a no-go.


When will 5.18.2 be released?

I asked this question on various ActiveState forums and in an email to ActiveState support with no reply. I'll try here. Can anybody say when 5.18.2 will be released?

CPAN mirror is out-of-date?

ActiveState's CPAN mirror appears to be out-of-date. I only noticed because CPAN itself complained about it. (You can force CPAN to check by typing "reload index" in the CPAN shell.)

You can visually confirm this by comparing the "recent uploads" listed in the ActiveState mirror ( with those in the original CPAN site (

User email addresses are shown on the website

When you are logged in, you can see the email addresses of people who report bugs.
For instance, on

If you hover on "Description by Balazs Szabo"
you can see his email address.

Not cool!!!
It is way too easy for a spammer to register and harvest addresses.

As a forum user you expect that your email address will not be shown, and that if people can contact you it is by clicking a link that opens a form.