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Why activestate CPAN mirror not updated more than month?


Database was generated on Tue, 05 Nov 2013 20:53:02 GMT

Package Not Built After 7 Days

According to the website (, Win32-LongPath was successfully accepted on September 20th but version 1.01 has not been built yet for the Windows 32 or 64-bit platform. Is this a normal delay or is there some error?

The problems in the earlier builds were corrected in v1.01.

Thank you for your assistance,

How to install CPAN Verilog-Perl Module?

I would like to install Verilog-Perl module. Launched ppm, and can not find Verilog-Perl in the list. How can I install Verilog-Perl module via ppm?


Which directories will Komodo's Code Intelligence scan?


How does Komodo's Code Intelligence system determine the directories to scan for code information?


Komodo's code intelligence system will scan multiple directories. Generally these are the locations Komodo will scan:

  • Current directory - any files residing in the same directory of the current editing file.
  • Project directory - the base directory of the project is recursively scanned (can be disabled by the "Include all files and directories from the project base directory" preference).
  • Additional include directory preferences - Any directory that has been added to the "Languages > Lang > Include Directories" preferences are scanned recursively.
  • Language interpreter include directories - any directories included by the language interpreter (i.e. language executable), such as PHP's php.ini settings, or Python's sys.path settings.
  • API Catalogs - any API catalogs that have not yet been scanned.
  • Stdlib - the language stdlib, if it's the first Komodo start, or the stdlib has changed.

The directories scanned and included are slightly different between languages, for example PHP and JavaScript use Import Everything handling, which means that there is no direct "import x" used to control what code the file has access to, but instead it has the ability to access all code, whereas other languages like Python explicitly import the modules they wish to use.

Komodo indentation settings


How does Komodo determine indentation settings?


There are a number of preferences that have an affect on Komodo's indentation behaviour. These preferences can be changed on a global, project and file level (3 different places), with the per-file preferences having the highest priority, global preferences the lowest priority.

The most important setting is:

  • Editor > Indentation > Allow file contents to override Tab and Indentation settings
    With this enabled, when Komodo first opens the file, Komodo will determine the indentation from the existing file contents - which will then override any other indentation setting you have set in your preferences. Note that Komodo will remember these determined indentation settings after you open/close a file (so it doesn't have to determine it again next time), so changing the global/project indentation settings may not affect these determined/remembered indentation settings, in such a case you'll need to edit the per-file indentation preferences.

When Komodo is not determining the indentation from the file contents (i.e. preference above is disabled), or when creating new files, Komodo will then use the following preferences to set indentation:

  • Editor > Indentation > Prefer Tab characters over spaces
    When performing indentation (i.e. tab, auto-indentation), Komodo will use this setting to determine if it uses a real tab character, or a number of space characters (indent width is affected by settings below).
  • Editor > Indentation > Number of spaces per indent
    When "Pref tab over spaces" is disabled, this sets the number of spaces inserted for each Komodo indentation operation. When "Pref tab over spaces" (above) is enabled and this value is less than the tab width (below), you'll get indentation that uses a mix of tab and space characters.
  • Editor > Indentation > Width of each Tab character
    This is the width used when displaying a raw tab "\t" character (i.e. number of columns).

Kind request to build MCE 1.410 for Windows (32-bit), should pass tests.

Hi all,

The latest MCE 1.410 should be passing for Perl 5.12 under the Windows (32-bit) environment. I'm not able to reproduce the (wstat 1280, 0x500) error on my end. I have modified 3 test scripts to use threads instead when running under MSWin32.

If possible, can someone build MCE 1.410 for the Windows (32-bit) environment. Do you know if MCE has been placed on some sort of black-list for not automatically building due to previous failed attempts?

Thank you in advance for your time.

Best Regards,

Maintain a private PPM (ppd) repository

Has anyone published code for automating the maintenance for a ppm/ppd repository for multiple modules and multiple architectures? An additional question, for those interested, is this: is it better to centralize or distribute the solution? I see pros and cons for both but would appreciate feedback from anyone who has actually implemented at least one solution.

I've looked in this forum (and elsewhere) but haven't found anything yet.

PPM Access for Business Edition ActivePerl versions

There is an FAQ posted under the ActivePerl heading regarding 401 Authorization messages generated by PPM.