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Why is my package requires Business Edition license?

Hey guys!

I have one module on CPAN. I recently updated it (after couple of years) -- there were a few consecutive updates (0.07, 0.08, and 0.09) a couple of days or so apart, as I was messing up POD & packaging. But I think I finally got everything together right in ver 0.09.

Then I see 0.09 doesn't show up in my Active State PPM. 0.07 & 0.08 did before, and CPAN has 0.09.

Looked up on and version 0.09 has lock icon on it that says "This package requires a valid Business Edition license".

String::Similarity::Group - doesn't succeed at tests in 5.14 - will it ever?

I'd like to use String::Similarity::Group (already using String::Similarity) but I see from the below page the reason it's not in the PPM for ActiveState:

Looks like it fails some tests for current versions of Perl. Anyone know if/when it will make it into the repo?

Net::RabbitMQ cpan modules not in ppm :(


Can you please add Net::RabbitMQ to the ppm so i can easily install it on my windows?

If there is a reason it is not in the ppm please let me know. I may be using that when I use RabbitMQ w/ Perl
on Stackato.

The reason I ask is because it is really nice when the package is in ppm the __ just works, and you don't have to go through the hassle
of trying to install onto windows, where half the stuff is missing.

I just use the windows for development and its week when it comes to Unix/Perl.

Komodo and PHP 5.4 Debugging Not Working


Why isn't Komodo working with my PHP 5.4 install?


Komodo 7.0.x is not compatible with PHP 5.4 yet. The new php_xdebug.* has not been release in the 7.0.x series.

You can either revert to PHP 5.3 until Komodo 7.1 is released


Download the Komodo Nightly build which has the new php_xdebug.* file which is PHP 5.4 friendly. You can download the nightly here.

If you're still having problems getting PHP to play nice with Komodo you may not have PHP fully configured. That's covered over here.

Manual download of Perl modules from PPM


I have a server without internet access. How do I download and manually install modules?


***Manual Downloads of PPMX files now require a Business Edition license.***

Go to the PPM index page for the module you want, for example, for DBD-MySQL go to:

Select the version of Perl you need a module for, by platform and by Perl major revision number.

If the module has built successfully, you will see a green circle with a check mark. If if has not built, the circle will be red with an exclamation mark.

You can expand green circle or red circle links. The drill-down page will show you links to the build logs for each version of the modules the system has attempted to build. If the circle was green, and a version of the module sucessfully built, there will be a "ppmx" link on the right side for each successful build.

Clicking the ppmx link will open a screen which prompts for a username and password. To proceed past this point, you must have a Business Edition license.

The USERID and PASSWORD are *not* the same as the userID and password you use for posting to this forum, or accessing the rest of the ActiveState site. For Business Edition manual downloads, you must find these values in your Business Edition license file. To find your license file:

Scan the license file for the line which shows "|ActivePerl BE|".
Immediately following that field will be another field which starts with "|APIPassword#". The value after that tag is your PASSWORD for Business Edition manual downloads.
Further along in the same line is another field which starts with "|SerialNo#". The value after that tag is your USERID for Business Edition manual downloads.

If your license is Active and you are an End User linked to the Serial Number, you may also query your My Account page for the API password value.

Once you have the PPMX files downloaded, installing a module from PPMX files is documented here:

E-mail notifications

Is there any way to find out why my account has never received a single e-mail notification from this forum? I didn't even know such feature existed until I read about in a forum entry.

(I wouldn't be surprised if the problem lies at MTA level.)

I Lost my Komodo Key! How do I reset it?


How do I reset my Komodo Sync Key? I seem to have misplaced it.


You can remedy this problem by typing some random characters in the text box that you would normal paste your Komodo Key into then click "Next".

This will present an option to reset your Komodo Key.


- Tools->Set Up Sync...->Next
- If you haven't already...Enter email and password -> Next
- Enter 'I have no idea." in the text field->Next
- Click "I have lost my Sync Key"

This will be fixed very soon.

Forum assigned wrong username

I created a community forums account and chose dev289 as the username but then it assigned me a username of ysrocspxst and won't let me change it.

ActivePerl Community License unclarity

I'm a bit unclear about some clauses in the ActivePerl Community License Agreement.

The questions revolve about the scope of "outside use". The license reads:

4. Restrictions.

   1. a. Except as expressly provided herein You may not: (i) permit others outside Your organization to use the Software;

Komodo code intelligence include (scan) directories


How does Komodo determine the list of directories to scan for it's Code Intelligence?


Komodo's Code Intelligence system will scan the following directories (note that the directory scanning is done recursively, up to 10 levels deep):

  • all directories included by you language interpreter (i.e. PYTHONPATH, PHP include paths specified in the php.ini)
  • all directories in your Komodo project folders
  • all language include paths you've set up in your global preferences
  • all language include paths you've set up in your project preferences

Tweaking the above areas can help to reduce the files/directories Komodo will scan.

You can also completely disable the code intelligence system by turning it off in Komodo's CodeIntel preferences (it's the first checkbox).