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Safari books online

Does the ActivePerl Pro Studio still include Safari Books? I no longer find a link to it. If it is still available, how do we get to it?

Regards, Mark

Bugzilla "help" links all point to "", not ""

In Bugzilla, all of the links in the "Help" section of the footer point to addresses on the subdomain "", rather than "". Definitely not a critical issue, but probably worth fixing.


I'm using PPM 4.10 and ActivePerl on Win7 64bit

Also, I'm really fumbling around, 'coding by Google', so it may be that the answer to this is to 'go and Google it and stop being lazy'. On the chance, though, that there's something that is specific to ActivePerl and CPAN:

Some code I wish to use refers to File::Find::Rule, which doesn't appear to be available, and gives me this error

Can't locate File/Find/ in @INC (@INC contains: D:/Program Files/Perl64/site/lib D:/Program Files/Perl64/lib
.) at F:\work\ line 4.

bug report: search doesn't search username

I cannot quickly search for relevant posts by entering my username in the search and the desired topic.


The only result for "jasond" is a post in which I've spelled out that name.

Current subscriptions list should show the entire title

I'm trying to find past threads, so I can link to them when appropriate, to aid the people reading my posts... but I often can't tell what thread is what, since the titles are not shown. There is double the space used, so there's no need to restrict the display so much. This is what I see:

Subscription Latest activity, authored, commented

feature request / minor annoyance: highl...
bug report: automatic indentation, switc...
feature request: find/replace dialog, ma...
Feature request: allow font color change...
bug report: renaming a file with case ch...

Checksums for downloads

Hello all

Does anyone know the URL where I can match checksums (MD5/SHA2..etc) for files that are downloadable from


Does the "Subscriptions" feature send e-mail?

I'd like to know whether the "Subscribe to this page" feature in this forum is supposed to send e-mail notifications and, if so, if it actually sends them.

I'm asking because I'm getting none but my e-mail provider has a pretty aggressive spam filter; I'm not sure if I must complain to their tech support.

Your submission has triggered the spam filter and will not be accepted

Sigh... "Your submission has triggered the spam filter and will not be accepted." After getting this literally 12 times, before removing most of my post, and finally being accepted, and after entering 2 captchas in that time... I am annoyed.

First, the post was linking to a bug database -- this site itself. If the spam filter thinks this is bad, then it is horribly stupid. I am hoping that link wasn't the reason, but after 12 tries, I started deleting from the post.

Second, I already entered a Captcha. That's what the Captcha is for -- to say I'm real.

Current ActivePerl version?

What is the most recent perl version?
On the download page as current 5.12.4 is picked, while the 5.14.1 has higher version number. It's interesting that binaries in this packege have older timestamp (06/16/2011) against lower version (06/20/2011). Quite confused about that :???:

ASPN Safari books online kindle support?

Has anyone been able to access the ASPN Safari books online feature with a Kindle, or know if it is even possible?