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Silent install for activeTCL 8.7?


Is there a new set of silent install params similar to the old ones for the ActiveTcl installer?

The chocolatey ActiveTcl package stopped working when activState took down installer from its site (probably Sept 2018). I tried uplifting the choco packages to the new installer but haven't yet figured out how to get autohotkey to run in the choco context and install tcl.

Is there an archived version of
Is there a new secret silent install param?
Does the for pay edition have a silent install?



32bit Release of 5.24.1 has been removed

we are using the releases from ActivePerl to build gvim packages with the perl interpreter linked in at

However, now that the 5.24.1 32bit package has been removed, the build fails, because the perl package cannot be installed anymore. What was the reason for that? It looks like there is no 32bit release available anymore, looking at

related issue:

Thanks for feedback.

Known Issue: Problem importing win32com.client

Known to appear in 3.5 and 3.6 ActivePythons, but could affect other versions as well.

Symptom: When running
import win32com.client
an error is reported.
(site-packages\win32com\gen_py\ does not exist)

The win32com module is designed to create and dicts.dat the first time it starts. If the files do not exist and the current user does not have adequate permissions to create the files, the error above will be reported.

The files only need to be created once. If an Admin ID with the correct permissions runs
import win32com.client

How to extract or install headless?

The documentation mentions a zip bundle that can be used by non-Adminstrators for
installation on Windows. I could not find such a zip bundle.

Furthermore I fail to install or extract ActivePerl headless. According to the documentation
there should be options /extract:Folder and /exenoui. But /exenoui does not hide the progress
bar for me! And /extract:Folder does not extract to "Folder" but to a cryptic named
directory "BDFHFH"!

Can you please help?


Does tklib0.5 comes with any tcl/tk package(any version) or need to install the tklib0.5 sepeartely irrespective of tcl version

Windows Server 2016 Support

Windows Server 2016's support information is not listed, but do you have any plan to support it?

Multiple versions of Go


Can I have ActiveGo and another distribution of Go installed together?


The ActiveGo-beta will set GOROOT, GOPATH, and PATH variables. The Golang distribution will also set GOROOT and PATH.

-ActiveGo will always be the default version of Go if both are on the system due to the ways both Go versions set up PATH. Neither ActiveGo nor Golang Go will remove the other distribution from PATH.

-Any value in GOROOT will be overwritten by both versions of Go when they install. The last version to install will be set up as the root. If you remove a version of Go, you will need to re-install/repair the other one to ensure that GOROOT is correct before you start using it.

-GOPATH is your personal workspace. Your workspace should be usable with either version of Go.

How to Get Perl to Automatically Look in Specific Directories for Scripts?

I have ActiveState Perl installed on a Windows machine.

Now, suppose I have scripts, including one called "", in this directory:


How do I configure Perl to automatically look in that directory for scripts when it is passed a script path?

For example, from the command line, I can run...:

perl C:\Example\Foo\Bar\

...just fine.

But the following...: