Windows XP Pro

Installing Active Tcl on Windows XP

Installer ActiveTcl 8.6.6-8607 does not work under Windows XP SP3. This is normal? Windows XP is no longer supported?

ActivePython 2 and ActivePython 3 for WinXP SP3 32bit and Win7 SP1 64bit


I had no idea there were different ActiveState Pyhton typologies (i.e. FirstClass and "regular").

1) Where can I get the latest "regular" ActiveState Pyhton 2 for 32bit Windows XP SP3 and for 64bit Windows 7 SP1?
2) Where can I get the latest "regular" ActiveState Python 3 for 32bit Windows XP SP3 and for 64bit Windows 7 SP1?

and here
I can read "ActivePython requires Windows XP, or later.".

Thank you! for 32bit, x86 Windows

Here I currently don't see an installation file of ActivePython for Windows x86 32bit (Windows XP in my specific case).
Here I can read that Windows XP is OK with 2.7.13.
Can someone help?

Need ancient ActivePerl 5.8 installer

Greetings All,

I teach biochemistry at a small liberal arts college in Kentucky, Berea College. We recently had a computer crash that wiped out my programs on a very old computer running Windows XP. To complete some proteomics experiments with my students, I really need to install a legacy version of ActivePerl, build 811 of ActivePerl 5.8. Is there any chance that someone out there still has this on an old computer that they can share? The new software is too expensive for us to upgrade, sadly.

Thanks in advance!

Matt Saderholm

PPM re-installing previously uninstalled module


I am trying to reinstall a previously uninstalled package, in the Perl Package Manager GUI. Earlier I uninstalled Win32-SerialPort by accident. I am trying to reinstall it, but it doesn't come up in any search results, when viewing all packages. So I thought that uninstalling it might have left something behind, by viewing Installed packages. If it doesn't show up in the search results, how can I go about re-installing the package again? Attempting to install it on the command line fails as well, stating that it can't find it.

Platform - Windows XP
Perl version - 5.18.2

Generating HTML lasts too long


ppm 4.17 stays in the state of

Generating HTML for xxx...
very long. In the Processexplorer, I see , that the tool accesses all(!) in my Installation.
Is this mandatory?

PPM preference

Just downloaded and installed activeperl 5.16.3.

Trying to add DBD::mysql and found that I cannot change ppm preferences. /Perl/site/lib is unlocked but /Perl/lib is locked.

That means ppm won't put to /Perl/lib/DBD/ but /Perl/site/lib/DBD

Will this work without change perl script? If not, is there any way to put the module to /Perl/lib (unlock the area?)

Thanks a lot

PerlTk bug with ActivePerl on Windows XP

I have run into a bug with ActivePerl on WindowsXP. (I know its a bug because when I run the exact same perl script on Unix it works just fine.)

Perl.exe -v says v5.16.3 Binary build 1603

I am using PerlTK to build a GUI for a programmable keyboard. The script has a TK has a widget for each key on the keyboard. Each key has over 100 legal values. I have found this list to be too long for optionmenu type widget. So I borrowed the 'native_optionmenu' widget from the mastering Perl/TK book Chapter 12. The widget is similiar to optionmenu but allows for multiple columns.

perl-ldap (0.57)

Hello ActiveState community,

I'am trying to download perl-ldap (0.57) package for Windows 32-bit from Active State PPM.
Although this package does not have a "lock" next to it, it still asks me for Active State Business Edition username and password which I do not have.

This package v0.57 is available from the CPAN website for free. However it is only for Linux platform.

Can somebody advise how to download this package from ActiveState PPM site. I am new to ActiveState and so far my experience has been struggling to obtain basic Perl library modules like LDAP.


Error when upgrading: "The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed"


I'm currently running ActivePython on my XP Pro host.

After downloading and running the installer to, I get the following error message:

"Windows Installer: The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed. This can occur if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed."

Has someone seen this, and knows what to do?

Thank you.