Komodo License not Working


Why won't Komodo allow me to do the 21 day trial? Or let me use my actual license?


If you're having trouble starting your Komodo trial or it won't pick up your freshly purchased and installed license, there are a few things you can try to work around the issue:

Trial Issues:

  • A. Download a new Komodo installer and reinstall Komodo
  • C. Contact and tell them you're trial license won't start and they should be able to help.

License Installed but not Used:

  • A. Download a new Komodo installer and reinstall Komodo
  • C. Do the same as the last step but also download your license installer again from
  • D. Contact and tell them you're license won't work and they should be able to help.

- If you already have a previous Komodo license you are STILL ENTITLED to a Komodo trial of whatever the new version is.

My installation package could not be opened.


I downloaded Activeperl form your website, but when I go to start the installation process I get this error:

"This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to ensure that this is a valid installer package."

What is wrong?


This error message *always* indicates that the MSI installation package has been corrupted during the download. You will need to re-download.

It is very common to get repeated bad downloads. Please remember to flush your local cache, or switch to a different browser program. Also remember that the bad file is likely cached at your ISP, so you may have to wait a while before the bad cache is cleared.

You can verify the downloaded file against the MD5SUMS published in each download directory: ( 5.10 ) ( 5.8 )

You can get a tool to generate md5sum hashes from here:

Often you can get past a cache issue by navigating to the file differently. You might have better luck starting from here:

Unattended installation of ActivePerl in a custom directory on Solaris


I need to install ActivePerl in a custom directory on Solaris without any user interaction. How can I do that?


There are two ways to install ActivePerl in a custom directory on Solaris such that the installation can be run unattended.

The first is to use the "--license-accepted --prefix /path/to/install/to" arguments to the provided in the Tar/Gzip ActivePerl package:

gnutar zxf ActivePerl-solaris-package.tar.gz
cd ActivePerl-directory
sh --license-accepted --prefix /opt/ActiveState/ActivePerl

The above can be used in a shell script, for example.

Alternatively, you can make your own Solaris package. This has the benefit of registering ActivePerl with the Solaris packaging system, making upgrades easier in some cases. A good tutorial on making Solaris packages can be found here:

Unattended installation for ActiveTcl


How do I install ActiveTcl in such a way that a scripted, unattended installation will work?


Since 8.4.8, automated installation was included but not published or
documented. The following documentation comes straight out of the comments
in the installer code:

--directory DIR
The installer goes auto and installs the distribution
into the directory DIR. The directory for the demos
is derived from that, it is DIR/demos. This can be
overridden. See below. The runtime directory is DIR as
well. This can be overridden. See below.
--demo-directory DIR
Overrides the location of the demo directory. See above.
The option is ignored if the installer is not in auto-mode.
--runtime-directory DIR
Specify directory to patch in. Optional. Ignored if
automatic mode was not activated with --directory.
Ignored on Windows.
Windows only, ignored on Unix. Install for the current
user. Default is to install for all users, i.e. admin-mode.
The option is ignored if the installer is not in auto-mode.
Deactivates the installation of the plugin and all related
stuff. Optional. Default for automatic mode is to install
the plugin. The option is ignored if the installer is not in auto-mode.

License installation key - Where do I get it?


Where can I get my permanent license installation key?


While there are public downloads for licensed software, to get your permanent license key you need to log in to your My Account page. From your Account page, you can download any of your permanent licenses.

Sign in to your account, if you have not logged into the ActiveState site already. If you've forgotten your password, follow the instructions on the page.

If you are not signed in, you will not see "My Account" in the header bar. Once you have signed in, go to My Account.
You will see a listing of all your Licensed Products. There is a click-able link for each one.
Click the link to drill down.

You will now see a frame for licenses at the top, and a frame for software at the bottom.
Select the platform(s) you need, and click the link to download the license installer.

In the lower half of the page there are links for the software installers, which take you to the same installers that are available from the main downloads page.
***If you have been running a trial version, you will not need to re-install your software***
To convert from a trial to a permanent license, all you need to do is install the permanent license.

InstMSIW.exe is NOT the perl installer


I've run InstMSIW.exe, but ActivePerl doesn't seem to be installed.
What's wrong?


InstMsiW.exe and InstMsiA.exe are patches for older versions of Windows to allow them to use our MSI installers. People often mistake this download for the ActivePerl installer itself, which can be found on the left-hand side of the download page:

Select the link under 'Windows' for the MSI installer.